Findings supported the use of low-field MRI as a whole-organ assessment tool for suspected metacarpophalangeal joint injuries.
Ultrasonographic examination is a promising, practical tool for screening subclinical osteochondrosis and monitoring and managing lesions
Internal fixation based on an accurate diagnosis of the individual fracture configuration can result in a very good prognosis
Ultrasonographic examination of suspensory ligament should allow more accurate prognostic advice and intervention and prevention opportunities for clinical SLBI
Reference values could function as a tool to discriminate between physiological and abnormal conditions such as congenital contractural conditions
A feasible and safe diagnostic test for evaluation of the equine distal limb
Normal variations in shape, echogenicity and fibre pattern of the ligaments are important considerations to prevent false positive diagnoses during ultrasonography
Consistency in morphological characteristics suggested a common etiopathogenesis for subchondral bone cysts