Limb Deformities

Authors: Anu K Lappalainen , Hanna S M Pulkkinen, Sari Mölsä, Jouni Junnila, Heli K Hyytiäinen, Outi Laitinen-Vapaavuori

Angular front limb deformity (ALD) refers to an excessively curved limb conformation, which is seen in some chondrodysplastic dog breeds. Common characteristics of ALD include carpal valgus (VALG), front limb rotation (ROT), elbow incongruity, and lateral radial head subluxation. These may cause lameness and discomfort in affected dogs. The clinical impact and breed-specific characteristics of front limb conformation in chondrodysplastic breeds are unknown.

Category: Limb Deformities
Authors: Stanley E Kim, Peter S McFetridge, Jennifer E Hagen

Objective: To report the successful treatment of septic nonunion in two dogs with large segmental defects secondary to long-bone fractures by using a novel human placenta-derived matrix (hPM) as adjunct to fixation.

Animals: One 3-kg 9-year-old neutered male Yorkshire terrier with a distal antebrachial fracture and one 6-kg 4-year-old spayed female miniature pinscher with a distal humeral fracture.