Authors: Luis R Moreira, Tim Sparks, Daniel M Ogden

Objective: To investigate how tibial long axis (TLA) shift affects the postoperative tibial plateau angle (TPA) in four cranial closing wedge ostectomy (CCWO) techniques.

Study design: In silico study.

Sample population: A total of 15 client-owned dogs.

Authors: Giovanna Redolfi, Jean-Guillaume Grand

Objectives: This study aims to report complications and long-term outcomes of combined tibial plateau leveling osteotomy and tibial tuberosity transposition (TPLO-TTT) for treatment of concurrent cranial cruciate ligament rupture and medial patellar luxation (MPL).

Authors: Charlotte Banks, Gareth Michael Couper Jones, Richard Lawrence Meeson

Objective: (1) To determine whether Oxley's modified cranial closing wedge osteotomy (CCWO) results in a tibial plateau angle (TPA) of 5° in silico, (2) compare in silico to clinical postoperative TPA and (3) determine the impact of ostectomy distalization in silico.

Study design: Cross-sectional retrospective radiographic in silico study.

Authors: Emilian Adrian Dumitru, Ben William Garland, Matthew J Allen

Objective: The aim of this study was to describe partial parasagittal patellectomy for the surgical management of patellar luxation, including surgical technique, proposed indications, complications, and outcomes in a cohort of dogs.

Study design: This is a single-center retrospective clinical case series.

Authors: David Onis, Jessica Entoft, Erik G H Wouters, Ditte Skytte, Karin Bruining-Staal, Johannes C M Vernooij, Björn Petrus Meij

Objective: The aim of this study was to describe the use of a procedure-specific fixation method for tibial tuberosity transposition and report clinical outcome.

Authors: Ashton L Story, Bryan T Torres, Derek B Fox

Objective: To determine morphologic differences between four tibial osteotomy techniques used to correct excessive tibial plateau angle (eTPA).

Study design: Retrospective radiographic analysis.

Sample population: Sixteen dogs (27 tibias) with eTPA.

Authors: Adam Townsend, Julien Guevar, Bill Oxley, Scott Hetzel, Jason Bleedorn

Objective: To compare the accuracy of three-dimensional (3D) printed patient-specific guide (PSG) with a freehand (FH) approach for radial osteotomies in ex vivo normal dogs.

Study design: Experimental study.

Animals: Twenty four ex vivo thoracic limb pairs from normal beagle dogs.

Authors: Johannes Maximilian Schmutterer, Peter Augat, Markus Greinwald, Andrea Meyer-Lindenberg

Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the kinetic and kinematic changes in the stifle after a modified tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) with 9 and 12 mm cranialization of the tibial tuberosity in different standing angles.

Authors: Melania Dallago, Alessandro Boero Baroncelli, Caleb Hudson, Bruno Peirone, Evelien De Bakker, Lisa Adele Piras

Objective: The main aim of this study was to determine the effective magnitude of proximal tibial segment medialization achievable during tibial plateau levelling and medialization osteotomy (TPLO-M) with Fixin 1.9-2.5 mm pre-contoured T plates with three different offsets.