Septic arthritis was more likely in the presence of surgical site infection and younger age
Effective a combination of arthroscopic lavage and the use of systemic and local antimicrobials
Meniscal degeneration significantly correlated with OA severity in the equine medial femorotibial joint
Ultrasonographic examination is a promising, practical tool for screening subclinical osteochondrosis and monitoring and managing lesions
The surgical approach and placement were successfully achieved with minimal signs of postoperative pain and a short rehabilitation time period in normal horses.
A direct approach for arthroscopic removal of OC fragments of the PIJ using a third portal into this joint, without resection of the membrane between the TCJ and PIJ is a good alternative for removal of fragments at this site
Good prognosis for horses treated with arthroscopic removal of palmar carpal osteochondral fragments. Early intervention is recommended.