August 2022

Objective: To assess the feasibility and mechanical stability of sacroiliac (SI) joint stabilization using 2 short 3.5 mm cortical screws, each spanning an average of 23% of the width of the sacral body.

Study design: Cadaveric experimental study.

Sample population: Twenty-four canine pelvis specimens.

Objectives: To report the short-term clinical outcome and complications in dogs that underwent surgical repair of femoral capital physeal or neck fractures via fluoroscopic-guided percutaneous pinning (FGPP).

Study design: Retrospective case series.

Animals: Client owned dogs (n = 11) with femoral capital physeal or neck fractures (n = 13).

In humans, tear volume increases during emotional arousal. To our knowledge, no previous studies have investigated the relationship between emotional arousal and tear volume in animals.